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We have teamed with Gene Gagliardi to create and innovate new protein products for foodservice and retail commercialization.

Gene Gagliardi has been the premier innovator of meat products over the past 40 years. His is the inventor of an untold number of creative concepts for the food and meat industries. Some of Gene’s inventions include Steak-ums, Popcorn Chicken, and National Cattlemen’s Beef Association (NCBA) beef value cuts.

Since the late 60′s, Gene has built a portfolio of more than thirty different patents, including three that have been enjoyed everywhere. Consumers are buying his creations at their favorite restaurants and at the checkout counter in retail grocers.

Steak-umm® was developed as a portioned, sliced, home version of the Philadelphia cheesesteak which has been both a national and international success.
The Beef Value Cuts developed for the NCBA includes the Flat Iron Steak, Petite Filet and Ranch Steaks.

Popcorn chicken still ranks as one of the most successful products launched by KFC. Gene also developed Bojangles Buffalo Bites. They have been sold in more than 200 units at a pace of more than 40,000 pounds per week. They have remained a menu staple for more than 25 years.

These are just a few of the items invented by a man with tremendous vision and a passion.

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