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  Recent Engagements

To help understand the potential impact and value of engaging Allen & Renninger, LLC, please examine the results of some of our recent engagements.  They demonstrate our multidisciplinary approach to client challenges and opportunities, providing solutions that both protect and enhance enterprise value. We deliver critical thinking at the critical time.

Advising and Helping Manage the Process of Hiring a CEO for a Privately-owned Meat Processor

Business volume and results had been declining
The Company needed new blood and a leader to re-invigorate the business and the management team
Owner needed our support and counsel to make the decision

Our Solution:

Convinced Owner that a CEO was needed to be responsible for all facets of the business
Developed CEO position description
Interviewed potential candidates
Worked closely with third party evaluation firm to understand the candidates strengths and weaknesses
Prepared a term sheet and helped negotiate employment contract
Put together a game plan for the new CEO’s success

Advising a Foreign Investor on a Potential Investment in a US-based Packing House

Potential investor had no US presence
They had experience in food businesses but not packing houses
Decision was needed quickly

Our Solution:

Quickly made visits to the plant, local feedlots, and local government officials
Met with the packing plants principal shareholders
Developed an Executive Summary that included:
     - Overview of the US Beef Packing Industry
     - Evaluation of :
                     The Facility
                     The Management and Labor
                     The Market Outlook
                     Financial Results and Plan
     - Overall Summary and Investment Recommendation
Overall, provided the information required by the Investor to make a timely decision regarding the Potential Investment

Advising a Division of a Major US Packer Regarding a New Business Line

Division Management wanted to consider a vertical expansion up the supply chain
However, they had no real experience in that particular facet of the business

Our Solution:

We had intimate experience in the business line
We were quickly able to prepare an Executive Summary that included:
     - Overview of the Line of Business, including Critical Success Factors
     - Analysis of the Market Channels
     - Competitor Evaluations
     - Potential Major Customers
     - An Overall Summary
Recommendations for Success if the decision was made to enter this line of business

Advising a Smaller Privately-owned Meat Processor Regarding a Major Capital Expenditure

Existing Equipment was:
     - Very old and not efficient
     - Took up too much space
     - Was a the bottleneck for improved production rates
     - May have created some product quality issues
     - An Overall Summary
There were several new technologies
Existing supplier had long-term relationship with current vendor

Our Solution:

Introduced a new vendor with improved technologies, which we were very familiar with
Met with new vendor and old vendor to fully understand their solutions
Prepared an ROI analysis to justify the capital expenditure
Helped negotiate the terms of a lease purchase contract
Worked with new vendor and our client to assure a smooth transition

Advising a Meat Processor on Developing Bottoms-up Budget and How Best to Use that Budget to Monitor Performance 

Budgets had been prepared in prior years, but there was little involvement from operating personnel
“Operating Costs” were based mostly based on prior year’s costs
“Meat Margins” were based on projected changes in meat costs
Certain key operating metrics were not budgeted by SKU i.e. “Yield Loss”
Monthly Variances from the Budget were not fully understood and were mostly explained away due to product mix changes

Our Solution:

Developed a “Bottoms-up Budget” with the buy-in from “Operating Personnel” responsible for the key metrics which included:
     - Product run rates
     - Product yield losses
     - Direct labor staffing by product
     - Indirect department labor budgets
     - “Meat Margins” based on customer contract terms and expected markets
Compared Actual Monthly Results to Expected Monthly Results Based on the Actual Monthly Production and Sales by SKU(We call this the “Flex Budget”.)
Led the monthly Budget Review meetings to assure “Operating Personnel” understand the “Flex Budget” variances and where to focus for operating improvement

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