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  Starburst Technology

Do you need a portion controlled steak for a breakfast sandwich?
WE HAVE ONE – Our “Rite Bite” Steak.

Would you like a moist Turkey Burger, with an exceptional granular texture?
WE HAVE ONE –Our Steak-like Turkey Burger.

Are you looking for a more profitable Breakaway Philly Style Steak?
WE HAVE ONE –Our “Steakuts” available in Beef, Turkey, chicken and Pork.

Let us help you build your menu with new, exciting offerings that address your customers’ expectations.

Using our Starburst Technology we can create three distinctly different bites:
A Steak-like burger
“Steakuts” which can replace the Philly Style – Breakaway Steak
Our “Rite Bite” steak, which bites like a steak

Our Starburst Technology is adaptable to four different Proteins:
Boneless beef cuts
Chicken thigh and/or breast meat
Turkey thigh and breast meat
Boneless Boston Butts

The Process:
The Starburst Technology is easy for a food processing manufacturer to produce. All it requires is our special tooling which is adaptable to whatever size grinder is being used; a standard mixer or blender with CO2; and a vacuum ribbon blender for the “Rite Bite” Steak product.. All Starburst products can be formed on a Standard-fill Formax machine.

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